jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011

Catalina State Park in Arizona, USA

Today we have recived a cool email from Cristina. There was a very interesting things for this blog and then, Antonio and me decided to recover this blog. We'll try to keep it active

The map Cristina spoke is Catalina State Park and seems to be one of the best "101mapsyoushouldntrun". As Cristina said, we don't need too much reasons for convince you that running there could be "amazing".
This is the map. Take a look at.

(notes from Cristina) 

The reasons to running here are:
1-want to die.
2-Love at snakes.
3-Love at cactus and dried plants.

And the reasons to not running here are:
1-You must to be very concentrated in the "variety of elements" and microrelief you′ll find in the map, also be carefull in no to deviate because of any nest of snakes that can make you lose your direction and be lost in the middle of nothing, next to a cactus, crying and bleeding because a snakebite.

I think the pictures speak for themselves.
This is "white" on the map
A good control point

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