jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011

Llyn Elsi (Wales)

Our dear friend Becky Carlyle wants to contribute to the list of 101 maps you SHOULDN'T run on before you die.

She has tell us her experience:

It's Llyn Elsi in wales, and it's the area that nightmares are made of!

The map looks kind of green. The trees are so close together that barely any daylight breaks through. And then when the trees are maked as white, the brambles are so high that you can barely move. A bit like this:

I went there on a training weekend ten years ago when i was at school, and one guy from our squad cut his shin to the bone on a super sharp rock. Then the day after I had a swimming lesson, and my legs were so covered in scratches that my teacher thought my parents were abusing me. xD

Therefore Llyn Elsi is a map not to run on before you die !

Thank you Becky...

Coming soon "La Carcama" (Spain)

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