martes, 3 de enero de 2012

La cárcama (Valencia)

Hi orienteers, happy new year!!

We are going to start the year with a new map you shouln't run on, it's called "la Cácarcama". This fantastic map is located in Valencia, concretelly close to Cheste ( MotoGP).

This map is characterized by his high level of orienteering technique, his 80 % of cultivated areas will makes you be lose in the middle of nothing.

Take a look of Cárcama orienteering map:

Don't miss the opportuny of running as fast as you can jumping between cultivated areas.
You know, come to Cheste and run in the circuit with your car/motorbike and then put on your orienteering clothes and run here with the little sunshine (Maybe 40ºDegrees) beating you over the head.

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